The Two Percent Club Pledge

The Two Percent Club believe that actions speak louder than words and as such it’s members make the following pledge:

As skilled, capable, influential and successful women representing all sectors and regions we come together to stand up, be counted and pledge to make a difference to the under-representation of women at the top of corporate UK

ObjectiveTo work collaboratively to create sustainable progress for better balanced business

AspirationTo act as the 'go to' network for any woman seeking guidance or support for themselves or others on career progression


  • To be responsible, visible and accessible in supporting talent to progress
  • To be accountable for supporting and encouraging more women into the Boardroom
  • Recognise that only by men and women working together on this issue can sustainable progress be achieved

Role as a Two Percent Club Member

  • Focus on achieving a more balanced talent pipeline
  • Make myself visible and help others to do the same
  • Commit to be an accessible role model


As a member of The Two Percent Club I pledge to deliver a minimum of two of the following actions over the next twelve months:

  • Commit to being an accessible role model both within the workplace and my external networks
  • Seek out a new or additional Non Executive/Trustee position by making it known to Headhunters, contacts and networks that I am active
  • Sponsor members of my female peer group to attain a Board position relevant to their skills
  • 'Lift as I climb' through sponsoring and mentoring aspiring future female leaders throughout the pipeline to achieve their own potential
  • Advocate the business issue to associated companies, men and women, who may need support on this agenda